So I have deliberated about making a blog post about this, but I feel it is something I need to get off my chest. Any of you on the Facebook page  (by the way I really hope you are on the Facebook page because it is super useful) for this course will probably have already seen it. So I emailed my prac teacher in the last week of school about what ICT is available in the classroom, she didn’t respond so I have been looking on the school’s website. Turns out they only have a small number of desktops in the classroom with one lab that hosts 26 desktops which has to be shared by the whole school. It states that there is an interactive whiteboard in every classroom. I had never thought that the school would be this low on technology. It is quite distressing especially since it is an ICT based prac (why is it an ICT based prac? Why not a behaviour management prac??? I honestly feel ICT can be implemented through lesson plans on a non-prac subject). I know that I am not going to be penalised for having limited resources, I just have to be creative, but it seems much more difficult than it needs to be. I do understand that when we are educators we may have limited resources, but we wont be marked on prac and judged for the resources we use when we are real, qualified teachers. I feel like this prac is much more difficult than it needs to be, why has the prac office not considered these as requirements when finding us positions? I really really feel that the university has messed up in making an entire prac an ICT based unit.
Also – because my mentor teacher from the school hasn’t emailed back, I haven’t been able to complete Part B before prac because I do not know the context of the classroom other than the ICT information on the website. I feel like an assessment piece supposed to be completed before prac should NOT rely on another person responding to your contact… I mean it’s not like I can just turn up at the school before prac without first being invited by the teacher, so by depending on someone else’s response, it does not seem fair. I think this course needs to be redesigned. Also, no I don’t blame any of the lecturers or tutors for this course, I blame the university designing a prac around ICT and the prac office for not considering ICT when finding our places.


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