So I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. I really like a lot of things on the site, but most commonly I enjoy the new technology section as I feel it is where all the young and extra creative inventors are as they may not have deadlines that need to be made, so their creativity really just runs wild. That’s what Kickstarter is all about anyway. So I have been on there recently and even though I’m doing early childhood ages, the following device seems interesting as at least an upper primary item. The MODI is: “a modular kit for your DIY IoT and robotic creations.” There are numerous little connectors that can even connect trough a wireless network. You can make music play with one of its connectors as there is a speaker connector, there’s a dial connector, there is obviously software that goes along with it and you can control whatever your heart desires without the trouble of needing advanced knowledge on technology (which could be instilled during education, but perhaps not at an upper primary level). There are loads of different things to connect with. I don’t have any exact examples of where you could implement them into a classroom but I am sure that they would be valuable at least in Science… and obviously accounts for ICT general capabilities… Ok well I don’t think I did a great job of explaining it, but I don’t know how to do a better job, so here is their start up video.


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