Last Kickstarter post, I promise. So there’s this really cool circuit based item that can be used for young children (with adult supervision of course). It’s called Squishy Circuit. It implements your own homemade Play-Doh to attach to a simple 2-cord battery pack and uses those little LED lights to show how it’s connecting. The trick is, the Play-Doh made with salt is super conductive, whereas the Play-Doh made with no salt, but sugar instead pretty much cancels out any conduction. The way they’ve done it in their videos (available on the link from before) is the non-conducting doh is white, and all the other colours are conductive. A super simple way to educate young children on science at an early age. So you can essentially make your own by just going to the local electronics store and home made Play-Doh, but if you don’t have that time, a pre-packaged set up of everything you need (including micro-processors – so music machines). Their non-Kickstarter website:
Okay while I’m already on about Kickstarter, this isn’t an ICT, but I think it could be useful for students who have been diagnosed with some form of sensory overload or attention deficit, you get the idea. So the thing is the Fidget Cube. I want to buy one for myself as I have anxiety and am sure it would be great in stressful situations, but I believe it would be great in some school settings. Bulk supplies are available, 80 for $850 so just over $10 each, which I think is pretty reasonable.
Even if you haven’t looked at either links, just keep in mind when you run your own classroom to look at Kickstarter every once in a while as they have some really great resources.


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