I just used the following link as a reference in an assignment (which has passed the due date so no worry of cheating). The Get Skilled: Get Active YouTube playlist presented by the NSW PDHPE Curriculum appears to be an extremely useful ICT resource when educating students on HPE, it educates students on the different ways muscles and bones move when using both locomotor and non-locomotor skills, and object control skills. This is an imperative aspect of pretty much every HPE year level. It teaches students exactly how they should position their body to get the best result for: leaping, hopping, catching, kicking, and many more. Yes it is an ICT where students just sit and watch the video, the videos were also first produced about 15 years ago, but I believe they are still very valuable. They are short and to the point, and cover exactly what is needed when educating students on muscle/bone movements and demonstrations.


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