As suggested in one of the weekly books from a while ago, we were to test out the Cyber Smart Kids: Cyber Safety Quiz. I assisted my friend with his assignment on cyber safety at the beginning of the semester by finding sights for him. Before even looking at the course book that presented this, I had tested it out. I got him to add it to his assignment as a valuable resource for cyber safety in primary school. Since it has been a couple of months I gave it another go. Just what I though, I’m cyber smart! haha. I did get two questions wrong. Those two questions you are allowed to go back to at the end of the test and attempt the page again. I think that is a great encouragement for children as it’s not just “you’re wrong so you only get this percentage” it instead gives the chance for learning what the answer should be by correcting themselves and in the end receive a score of 100 percent, which is something everyone always wants to receive. Obviously since I had a friend add it to their assignment previously, I definitely believe it is a valuable resource when educating or testing students on cyber safety.


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