Courtney posed the question “[Does] anyone else feel they have no social life while at University?” in her blog post at the beginning of the semester. I completely agree. Maybe in my first year I was a bit more relaxed about actual study and was more focused on the social side of university life, but right now in my third year, there is pretty much no social life. If I do end up needing to talk to someone though, it is definitely through either Facebook, texting, or email 95% of the time. I also agree with Courtney in the fact that I do use ICT a lot more than I comprehended before starting this course, I notice it a lot more every day, thinking about where a shop is at the local plaza… I either google it before arriving or use their electronic maps based at numerous intervals in the centre; there’s no more social interaction in that regard anymore. Although, yes most of my ICT use is for university study, so I suppose that makes it slightly more ok that most of our lives are based in front of a computer. That’s what future generations are going to be like anyway, so we need to be up to date on what technologies are available to be able to educate students. That may require an excessive amount of time researching everything and playing around learning how to use the new technologies available to make us better teachers in the long run.


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