So it’s coming to the end of the semester, and the end of EDC3100. I have definitely learnt a lot from this course, it has been very very informative. Even just the book about how to use an interactive white board, I really didn’t understand how they worked at all, but I get it now, they use stylises or touch, no actual white board markers are used – which is very valuable information as you can imagine hahaha. I have learnt what classifies an item as an ICT, which I really did not understand before, but now I know. This course has benefited my education as a pre-service teacher a lot. I understand that ICT can be implemented into numerous classroom lessons with ease, and it can benefit the learning of a student such a large amount. It has been hard, and pretty hearty assessments, but it is definitely one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken in the lead up to my career as an educator.


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